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Introduction CETP

A crypto exchange-traded pool (CETP) is a type of pool and exchange-traded product, i.e. they are traded on crypto exchanges. CETP are similar in many ways to pools, except that CETP are bought and sold throughout the 24 hours on crypto exchanges. An CETP holds assets such as cryptocurrency, tokens, coins, and generally operates with an arbitrage mechanism designed to keep it trading close to its net asset value, although deviations can occasionally occur. 

A CETP divides ownership of itself into tokens that are held by token holders. The token holders indirectly own the assets of the pool. Token Holders are entitled to a share of the profits, and they would be entitled to any residual value if the pool undergoes liquidation.

CETF may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, asset aggregation, and tradability.

UCAP - Token Project (CETP & DeFi) 

Pool Features

Every UCAP token is сollateralized with crypto assets, we guarantee UCAP buy back into stablecoins.
The project was created by the company FINEXPO existing since 2002.
CETP are priced continuously throughout the 24-hour-trading and therefore have price transparency
DeFi Instruments
Deposit for granting loans, token staking profit, liquidity pool investment.
Promising startup token acquisition for promotion, exchange listing and increase in capitalization.

UNICAP Pool DeFi Ecosystem

10% Development & Governance
Management, Dev and Support ecosystem, Listings, Airdrop, Bounty, Promo, Referral program and etc.
25% Tokens/Coins
Swap and Reserved for Investment to Crypto/DeFi Startups and New UNICAP CETPs pools.
5% Stablecoins
Swap and Investment to AI Trading Systems and Money Management.
25% Tokens
Swap to Top Most Liquid and Promising Tokens.
10% Stablecoins
Swap to USDT, TUSD, USDC, PAX, BUSD, DAI for DeFi Lending, Debt Liquidation and Creation of Liquidity Pools.
25% Blockchain Coins
Swap to Top Most Liquid and Promising Coins with Blockchain.
Token Address: 0xbaA70614C7AAfB568a93E62a98D55696bcc85DFE

UCAP Token Capitalization Plan


Target Exchanges





Q3 2020
Idea Generation. CETP & DeFi product research. Brainstorming. Team forming, Creation of
Q4 2020
Site development. Opening of Investor Personal Account  (14 languages), Deployment of Smart contract and mining tokens UCAP.
Pre public swap tokens offering. Unicap Global community development. Promo/Airdrop/Bounty. Listing BiBox exchange.
Q1 2021
DeFi Bank (Lend) product design and prototype. Swap tokens. Listing token on KuCoin/Bittrex/FTX/Exmo/Lbank. AirDrop for DeFi community. New Funds Develop and Launch. 1st Global community survey.
Q2 2021
UNICAP DeFi Bank v1 Launch, New Pools Development and launch. Swap of tokens. Listing OKEX, HUOBI, BINACE. Acceptance of funding proposals for Crypto/DeFi startups.
Q3 2021
UNICAP DeFi Bank v2 (new protocols) Launch. New Pools Develop and Launch. Listings New Pools.
Q4 2021
UNICAP New Startups Launch. Listings Startups on OKEX/HUOBI/BINANCE.

Common Questions

Will I be able to sell UCAP token quickly?

Yes of course, despite any liquidity in the market, you can always quickly put up tokens for sale via the internal exchange if you need it.

When does the UCAP token sales price increase?

Every next level (multi level invest) UCAP price increases by 0.1$.

I want to invest in UCAP - coins and tokens that you do not have in platform. How to do this?

Please send request to: [email protected] and we will send you the details.

What ROI do you anticipate for 2021?

You can see in on our UCAP Token Capitalization Plan

When will I receive the purchased UCAP tokens?

Within hours of purchase.

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